Each year we are proud to share our report to the community on our achievements in the previous year.

Ordinarily that would mean reflecting on our success of 2019, such as our enormous growth as a provider of Medication for Opioid-Use Disorder or how our school-based program expanded to two more schools.

But this is not an ordinary year. Although our report is on activities in 2019, as we prepare this report we, and the world, are struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic.

In light of this, we are electing to reduce the length of this report, and consequently its contents. So there are no program stories, and no list of our wonderful, generous donors. We are confident this is the most judicious choice, preserving more of our budget for patient care, while still sharing this update about our work in 2019.

Thank you as always for being part of our story, and upholding the values of our community. Everyone deserves quality care. And while that has always been true, we are as a city, and a nation, and a globe, more aware than ever.

Michael Erikson