About our service commitments

Our service commitments were created by staff members, leaders, board members and patients. We use these as a guide and expectation for how we treat our patients and each other. 

Serving patients

We are here because we believe in people working together toward health and wellness. We are a resource to our patient’s well-being, offering caring support and an open door where each person is welcomed warmly. We organize ourselves around their interests.

Serving each other

We do our best work for patients in a setting that nurtures and sustains each of us. We support each other to do our highest quality work, to create a spirited and joyful workplace and to experience a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

A warm welcome

We meet others with warmth, creating a place where each person feels welcome and wanted. A smile, kind words, a friendly greeting from every one of us. We look forward to our work, set a tone of pleasant hospitality and express our appreciation to those around us. We welcome the chance to be of service; gladly extending ourselves to patients and colleagues.


Knowing that someone truly cares is fundamental to good health. We show our caring with personal attention, taking time to listen, to inquire and to connect. We practice thoughtful action and thoughtful speech. We take the initiative to do what needs doing. We express a kind and enthusiastic desire to be helpful. A caring environment sustains and nurtures us all.


We honor the beauty of what we have in common and the richness of our differences. We see each person as unique and we strive to meet their individual needs. In this space, each can count on being recognized and appreciated for who they are and what they can be. We value differences in perspective, personality and experience. We are excited and curious to learn about others, with the humility to try and see through another’s lens of the world.

Working together

Working closely together we build physical, emotional and mental health. We work with patients and their communities of support, meeting them where they are in collaboration. As teams and partners we solve problems together, value each other’s contribution and work toward solutions. We pull together and get beyond what holds us back from progress. We see the best in others, expect the best of ourselves, and strive to be a positive influence.

Trusting relationship

We believe that healing happens through caring and trusting relationships. At every opportunity, we look for the avenue to build and nurture trust. We see each interaction as part of a commitment to a long-term relationship— with patients and each other. We believe in high standards and we strive to meet them. We build trust through quality work, good intention, learning from our mistakes and— always— treating others well.