How do I pay my bill?

Learn more about patient billing and how to pay your bill on our Patient Billing section.

When should I arrive for my appointment?

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment, 30 minutes if it is your first appointment with a provider at Neighborcare Health. 

What if I am late for my appointment? 

If you are late, we may need to reschedule or may not be able to complete all the services scheduled for your appointment. If you are going to miss your appointment, please give us one day's notice so that we can reschedule.

How do I get a copy of my or my child's medical, dental or vaccination records? 

Please see the Access Your Records page on this website.  

How do I get my medication prescription refilled? 

At a Neighborcare Health pharmacy: To have your prescription refilled at a Neighborcare Health pharmacy, please call the pharmacy directly: 45th StreetColumbia CityMeridianPike Place Market or Rainier Beach. The pharmacy will send a refill request to Neighborcare Health's provider team. 

At an outside pharmacy: For all prescriptions filled outside of Neighborcare, please contact your outside pharmacy and the pharmacy will send a refill request to Neighborcare Health's provider team.  

For all refill requests: Please allow up to three business days for your prescription to be refilled. Refill requests are managed during normal clinic business hours. Please plan ahead to make sure you do not run out of medication. 

Can I bring my expired or unused medications to Neighborcare Health? 

No, we cannot accept expired or unused medications at any of our sites, clinics or pharmacies. To keep your family safe, especially children and teens, it's important to dispose of unused and expired medications. Learn more and find a list of King County drop-off locations and other resources for safely disposing medications you no longer need by visiting

Can I bring my used sharps (needles, lancets, etc.) to Neighborcare Health?

No, we cannot accept used sharps at any of our sites, clinics or pharmacies for disposal. Sharps are also not allowed in the garbage because they can hurt workers and others who handle the garbage. The Seattle Public Utilities website has information on drop-off locations, what to do if you find sharps outside, and other resources for safely disposing of sharps, such as syringes with needles and lancets.