Our Vision

We will join with the communities we serve to deliver care with compassion and excellence in the spirit of equity and humility to empower all to live their healthiest lives.

Our Core Purpose

Our purpose is to improve health by engaging, educating and empowering people in the communities we serve.

Our Ultimate Goal

100% Access, Zero Health Disparities.

Our core values

Social justice

Each day we work for a more just society where excellent health is enjoyed by all.

Cultural sensitivity

We treat our patients and fellow staff members with the utmost respect and dignity. We treasure the cultural and ethnic diversity of Neighborcare Health staff and clients and continually seek to understand and honor each person.


We place value both on the sense of community we maintain inside Neighborcare Health and on the way we weave ourselves into the fabric of the larger community. Our culture at Neighborcare Health is built on an ideal of equality and a spirit of teamwork, where all staff members are valued for their contributions.


We approach our work with professionalism, pride and commitment. We seek to continuously improve and, in all we do, service to our patients and community comes first.