Supporting students' emotional and social needs

Mental health services at our school-based health centers are offered during the school year to students registered as school-based patients. These services are offered by a licensed mental health therapist at the school-based health center. Therapists can provide one-on-one, group or family counseling for a wide range of issues such as developing coping skills, anxiety, depression, grief support, help with emotional or social issues, substance use, family support, and more. 

Studies have shown that students are more likely to seek mental health services if they are available at their school, than if they had to go to a clinic in the community. 


Confidential services to minors

We involve parents as much as possible. We coach students on how to talk to their parents and encourage them to do so. When engaging parents is not an option for students, we follow Washington State Minor Consent laws, which outline what services minors can get confidentially without parent/guardian consent, and at what age. Learn more about Washington State minor consent laws.