We're here to help

If you do not have health insurance, we can help you understand your options for applying for insurance and other assistance programs available regardless of income or immigration status. We can also help you with your application. One of our eligibility specialists can help you determine if you qualify for:

Call 206-548-5710 to schedule a free appointment with a Neighborcare Health eligibility specialist in your neighborhood. All of our eligibility specialists are certified navigatorsLanguage interpretation is also available.

If your child attends Seattle Public Schools or Vashon Island schools, insurance assistance is also available at our school-based health centers

What to bring

Please bring the following documents to your appointment with an eligibility specialist to determine what programs you qualify for and to sign up for those programs. If you do not have these documents please speak to an eligibility specialist. We provide services regardless of your income or immigration status.
Income and household size verification
  • Documentation of one month of total income for your household. Bring one of the following:
    • Pay stubs from the past 30 days showing gross income (total income before taxes or deductions) for everyone in your household
    • Award or benefit letter (if receiving income from other sources, such as L&I, child support, unemployment)
    • Employer letter stating your gross income
    • Last two unemployment check stubs (if receiving unemployment)
    • A letter of support or reference from an organization or individual
  • A copy of the most recent year's 1040 tax returns (if you filed taxes)
  • Birth date, including year, for each household member, if they are using our services, or need help enrolling in insurance.
Identity and residents verification
  • U.S. citizens: Social Security numbers for all family members to be enrolled in insurance. Naturalized citizens also need their naturalization certificates
  • Immigrants: Green card and passport (if available) and Social Security numbers for all family members to be enrolled in insurance
  • A current photo ID such as driver’s license, state-issued identification card, or military ID.
    • If your current address is different from your ID, bring a utility bill, rental contract or a letter with your name and current address. 

Other Important Information

  • An email address (if available)
  • Additional documents may be required on a case-by-case basis


Call 206-548-5710 to make an appointment