About our services

Our school-based health center mental health therapists, medical providers, health educators and health center coordinators can identify and help students who are experiencing an emotional, social or mental health emergency.

For example, we provide counseling and care for students who are thinking about harming themselves or others, and students who are experiencing suicidal thoughts. Our teams also provide support for students who are grieving a lost friend or loved one to suicide, or who are going through other traumatic life experiences. We offer these services to students of all ages, including teens. 


About our care teams

Our school-based health center teams are trained to work specifically with youth. They also work closely with school nurses, staff, teachers and parents/guardians to provide high quality, accessible care to students at school. Learn more about school-based health center mental health services

Confidential services to minors

We involve parents as much as possible. We coach students on how to talk to their parents and encourage them to do so. When engaging parents is not an option for students, we follow Washington State Minor Consent laws, which outline what services minors can get confidentially without parent/guardian consent, and at what age. Learn more about minor consent laws.

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