About our services

These programs are offered where people live. Health care teams offer office hours and meet clients in their homes. Relationship-based, trauma informed care, harm reduction, motivational interviewing and anti-racist principles are key methods used in engaging with patients.  

Housing Health Outreach Team (HHOT)

This team is led by nurses who work in partnership with primary medical care providers and behavioral health specialists to offer medical and behavioral health services to residents in permanent supportive housing. (Permanent supportive housing is affordable housing with multiple services to help those with a history of chronic homelessness stay housed).

Team members:

  • Engage and build trust with difficult-to-engage clients, who often are high emergency rooms users, and have a deep mistrust and fear often rooted in trauma
  • Connect clients to primary care and other health care services
  • Tend to chronic skin wounds
  • Counsel clients with anxiety, depression, grief, sadness, trauma, anger and other forms of stress
  • Manage ongoing medical conditions, like diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Provide care coordination
  • Offer a safe space for people to discuss their health concerns and goals


HHOT sites: 

Permanent supportive housing primary care

As a part of HHOT, primary medical care providers see clients in their buildings or apartments in permanent supportive housing. These clients often do not or cannot leave their homes for primary medical care services. Nurses play a key role in identifying clients in need of housing-based primary medical care services.

Neighborcare Health’s homeless programs are part of the King County Health Care for the Homeless Network.

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