Together We Can Ensure Health Care for All

"Everything changed, from what I eat, to how I dress, to the way I feel...All we are, are seed planters...We have to pour into each other."

Spring Give 2020: Compassionate health for peace of mind

"I was completely lost, I was lost in my addiction, I was lost in life. I was looking for a place to go...I had to look at my life and decide--am I going to continue to be a victim. I just decided the past was gone."

Health care with heart

"When I come to the clinic, people know who I am.... The relationships are real."

From homeless to home: Jeff's story

"Before I found Neighborcare I was alone, I was in the shadows, I was on the outside"

Fulfilling our promise 2017

"How many doctors do you know that will call you and say 'Hey where you been'?"

Spring Dinner 2017: Everyone deserves quality health care

"Without this resource in the school there would be lots of kids who would miss a lot of school and a lot of parents would have a lot of kids at home because they don't have that resource."

Spring Dinner 2016: Fresh starts

"Neighborcare was the only clinic that was willing to even see me" "They took me off the streets and saved my life"

Telling our stories 2016

"Neighborcare really has a very literal meaning for me- I really do feel that working at Rainier Beach I am caring for my neighbors."

Spring Dinner 2015

"We had promises of ongoing care -- 16 years later that ongoing care is still here."

Telling our stories 2015

"As soon as one of our Neighborcare midwives came it was like- oh everything is going to be ok."

Spring Dinner 2014

"I live now every day because my cancer is gone and I love Rainier Beach medical clinic- they saved my life."

Telling our stories 2013

"Without Neighborcare health I would have no health care."