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Patient Programs

Providing a Health Care Home for Our Patients

A home is where the heart is, a place that's welcoming, supportive, provides peace of mind. At Neighborcare Health, we believe everyone deserves and needs a place to call their health care home, regardless of income or insurance status. A health care home is where a team of medical, dental and mental health professionals work in collaboration with each patient to develop a personal health improvement plan. It's a place where we encourage long-term relationships with patients, and care for them from birth through the end of their life. No matter which clinic patients visit at Neighborcare Health, we want them all to feel at home.

A health care home also takes care of all of the needs of its patients. That's why Neighborcare Health's community health clinics offer a wide range of care, including primary medical and dental care, midwifery services, program for homeless patients, health education, nutrition counseling, behavioral health services, social work and outreach. After all, quality health care, like that provided at Neighborcare, serves the whole person.

Government grants and reimbursements generally do not cover the entire cost of our programs. Their sustainability largely depends on the generosity of individual donations. To learn more about supporting these programs, click here