Photo overlay for Matt Waller, DMD

The most formative experience of Matt's career thus far has been his one year post-doctoral residency for an Advanced Education in General Dentistry hosted by Neighborcare Health in Seattle. It was this experience that solidified Matt's desire to work in a community health setting. In his personal life, he is very much the introverted and nerdy type, finding a lot of joy in exploring the beautiful outdoors, having board game nights with friends, and appreciating the simplicity of a quiet evening in with a hot cup of tea and some lighthearted entertainment.

Why I Work at Neighborcare:

I had a strong feeling that I wanted to work at Neighborcare long term before I even started my residency, and that feeling quickly became a resolution as I experienced the Neighborcare culture of service, inclusion, equity, and quality of care. I've seen some of the wonderful things that Neighborcare has done for communities and individuals alike, and I knew that I wanted to be a part of that team.


BS, Biology, 2015
DDM, University of New England, 2021