EDI Vision

We are committed to becoming a fully inclusive, anti-racist multicultural organization whose heart is healing and equitable health care.

EDI Mission

To purposefully identify, address, and dismantle supremacist policies and practices, heal the damage they cause, and remove the barriers to achieving equity for our staff and patients.

  • We are resolved to develop training, clear directives to ensure that we are accountable for achieving established EDI goals, and solicit community solutions to ensure the health and healing of everyone who enters our buildings.
  • We will center the voices of people of color in the conversation. When such remedies and structures are not in place, we will create them and refine them as needed.
  • We acknowledge the deadly impact of racism and white supremacy in the fabric of our institutions, society and nation.
  • We believe that our active, public commitment to racial justice and health equity must be reflected in the life and culture of the organization through our policies, business practices, health care delivery, communication, and leadership structures. The results will manifest in improve health for our patients, greater inclusion, and improved work experience for our staff.