Equity is ensuring all people can develop themselves professionally and contribute to the organization. It also means actively eliminating all inequities in health care, understanding their complexity, and circumstances that may otherwise hinder the success of one person over another. All of this necessitates the creation of policies, practices, and structures that produce fair outcomes for everyone staff and patients, especially any identities that are underrepresented or marginalized.


Diversity is creating a culture of inclusion that respects different social identities, lived experiences, and perspectives. We know diversity makes us stronger as an organization and supports a thriving partnership of health and well-being for our staff and patients. It serves as a catalyst for system change, ensuring that marginalized, underrepresented people have the voice, tools and power to lead in all levels of the organization.


Inclusion is proactively embodying and nurturing the climate and culture of our organization through professional development, education, policy and practice, of anti white supremacy ideology. Our objective is to create an environment of equity & racial justice that is free of racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, classism, ageism, ableism, xenophobia and religious intolerance that fosters belonging, respect, and value for all and encourages engagement and connection throughout the organization and community.

Health equity is achieved when every person has the opportunity to attain their full health potential and no one is disadvantaged from achieving this potential because of social positioning or other socially determined circumstances. (source Institute for Healthcare Improvement)

Differences in health outcomes that are systematic, avoidable, and unjust (source Institute for Healthcare Improvement)