Neighborcare Health at Vashon

Fri, 2016-09-30

The new Neighborcare Health at Vashon clinic is now open. See hours, phone, number and providers on the Vashon clinic page.

PLEASE NOTE: Every patient who comes to the clinic for the first time is a new patient and must register as a new patient, even if you are seeing a doctor you have seen at another clinic that is now closed, such as CHI Franciscan or Fulton Family Medicine. You must also sign a release of information form to have your records transferred over to Neighborcare Health. Thank you for your understanding. 

We worked quickly to open the clinic, so it will take some time for teams to get up to speed. Providers and staff are still learning our electronic medical records systems, processes, workflows, etc. as well as getting to know each other. We appreciate your patience and welcome your feedback. 

If you are a Vashon resident who has an emergency need, please call 911.






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