Sky Rogers, ARNP, CNM

B.A., Latin American Studies, 1999
B.N., University of Washington, 2005
M.N., University of Washington, 2007
American Midwifery Certification Board, 2007
Why I work at Neighborcare Health: 
“When I graduated from Earlham College in 1999 I spent a total of five years, working with homeless women and children in Nicaragua, Mexico, and Washington State. This extended experience, allowed me to see the powerfully transformative effect birth and motherhood have in women’s lives. Since the inception of my midwifery career, I have felt called to provide midwifery to diverse populations in a respectful and kind manner; focusing on personal empowerment and choice during the childbearing year and birth. My personal approach is to guide women towards-* feeling*, *experiencing*, and *knowing* - their own personal strength through prenatal education and empowering choices in birth. My end goal is that this teaching will be taken forward into their lives as mothers and community members. Neighborcare Health is a wonderful environment in which to practice this approach to maternity care, as Neighborcare’s basic health care philosophy is one of patient empowerment in personal health.“
After graduating from the University of Washington Midwifery Education program in 2007, Sky worked for five years in a midwifery service at Providence Everett Regional Medical Center, in Everett WA. During her midwifery education program, she elected to do an extra independent externship and spent four weeks with the Amish in Lancaster County, PA. during her summer break. There she had the very unique opportunity of working with two CNMs who delivered babies by kerosene light, in the howling wind and beating rain, on farms many miles from the nearest hospital!
When not delivering babies or teaching about prenatal nutrition (one of her passions), Sky enjoys playing trucks with her son, gardening, or apprenticing in the kitchen at the side of her chef husband. She loves to eat good food, grow good food, and grow beautiful flowers! However the greatest joy in her life right now is watching the growth and development of her son as he moves from toddler to child.
Languages spoken: